Join the ELS #nostrawchallenge

Plastic drinking straws are one of the top ten items that litter our waterways. Considering that a drinking straw is rarely a necessity, and that restaurants see significant volumes of used straws enter the waste stream every day,… Read More

Explore Lake Simcoe program status update

The Explore Lake Simcoe Sustainable Tourism program  was created to support business adoption of sustainable recreation and tourism practices. Through this program, business operators received technical support, educational services and information about sustainability practices specific to their business needs…. Read More

Barrie business’ speak to Georgian College students about sustainability

On July 13th, ELS was fortunate to participate in a business walking tour with Georgian College Industrial Ecology students. The purpose of the tour was to highlight environmentally-sustainable business practices and Green Leaders with the Explore Lake Simcoe… Read More

Around My Gluten Free Table embraces environmental sustainability

When someone first receives a Celiac diagnosis or detects a gluten intolerance, the learning curve is steep. Knowing how to eat gluten free is complicated. Learning to cook good-tasting gluten free items is another challenge. Then, there is… Read More

Send us your Explore Lake Simcoe evaluation forms

We would like to thank all the business’ that have participated with the Explore Lake Simcoe project thus far. Since the inception of the project, we have had the opportunity to support business operators to adopt both individual… Read More

Number of drinking straws reduced– 14,000 and climbing

The Explore Lake Simcoe #nostrawchallenge is an open challenge to food service establishments operating in the Lake Simcoe watershed. In an effort to reduce unnecessary use of drinking straws, and to reduce plastic drinking straw litter and landfill waste,… Read More


Learn about the Explore Lake Simcoe Project and steps your business can take to go green! Feature Newsletter August 2017 – Solar update for Marina Del Rey and learning from golf case studies July 2017 – ELS program update,… Read More

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Communicate your commitment to sustainability to your consumers and let them know how they can do their part in protecting Lake Simcoe. For the #nostrawchallenge NoStraw_Certificate;  NoStraw_Cards;  NoStraw_Log; NoStraw_TableTopper For all other environmental initiatives GreenBusinessPledge

Waste Management

Conducting a waste audit Slideshow of creative anti-littering campaigns Waste Audit toolkit from Clean River Carbon Calculator for Waste- Environment and Climate Change Canada GHG calculator Busch Systems resource centre- find many ways to increase waste diversion Collection and Disposal … Read More

Local Green Leaders

As the Explore Lake Simcoe (ELS) project moves forward, we continue to learn about the steps that local businesses are taking to increase energy efficiency, to divert waste, to conserve water, and to reduce the use of toxic… Read More