Explore Lake Simcoe highlights 2015

Since its launch in July 2015, the Explore Lake Simcoe project had the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from businesses in the watershed on what it means to be green. A business’ everyday operational challenges are unique and… Read More

Sharing knowledge and expertise

One of the distinctive elements of the Explore Lake Simcoe project is that it represents a collaboration of minds between individuals who represent different sectors. The work of the project is guided by the marketing and tourism expertise… Read More

The path to sustainability

Since the July newsletter, Explore Lake Simcoe (ELS) has met with a number of businesses located in the Lake Simcoe watershed that integrate sustainability into their daily operations. The ELS project exists to work with and expand the… Read More

Local Green Leaders

As the Explore Lake Simcoe (ELS) project moves forward, we continue to learn about the steps that local businesses are taking to increase energy efficiency, to divert waste, to conserve water, and to reduce the use of toxic… Read More

North Lake Simcoe Farmers’ Markets

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Buying fresh, delicious food locally protects your health and the health of the planet while strengthening the economy. It feels great to eat right and take part in your community. Visit the Ontario Community Supported Agriculture Farm Directory for… Read More


Let’s celebrate the businesses around Lake Simcoe taking steps to Go Green! Tourism businesses with sustainability in mind strive to provide an excellent experience for their visitors. They know that a rewarding visit will bring customers back, again… Read More