Reducing food waste at the Market Buffet BBQ & Smokehouse

Managing a busy buffet restaurant takes skill, organization and creativity. What you may not think of when you shimmy up to the buffet table is how hard the staff work to reduce food waste. Not only is wasted… Read More

Number of drinking straws reduced– 14,000 and climbing

The Explore Lake Simcoe #nostrawchallenge is an open challenge to food service establishments operating in the Lake Simcoe watershed. In an effort to reduce unnecessary use of drinking straws, and to reduce plastic drinking straw litter and landfill waste,… Read More

Join the ELS #nostrawchallenge

Plastic drinking straws are one of the top ten items that litter our waterways. Considering that a drinking straw is rarely a necessity, and that restaurants see significant volumes of used straws enter the waste stream every day,… Read More

Local Green Leaders

As the Explore Lake Simcoe (ELS) project moves forward, we continue to learn about the steps that local businesses are taking to increase energy efficiency, to divert waste, to conserve water, and to reduce the use of toxic… Read More

Barrie Restaurants

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More restaurants are taking steps to go green as issues around food production, waste and climate change are hitting close to home. Let’s support the businesses that are bringing local, fresh food to our hometowns and plates! Ask… Read More