Add some adventure to your outdoor trek with Go Tours Canada Horseshoe Resort

Looking for a different outdoor activity? Wind along the off-road trails at Horseshoe Valley with Go Tours Canada. Riding a Segway is a fun, safe, low impact way to cover ground and explore.  If you are wondering if you can handle a Segway, check out the FAQ section on their website.
Here is a quick rundown on the environmental impact of these machines. Segway PT’s run on two rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, which are plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet. Batteries are similar to those that power your laptop.  Depending upon use, the average machine will need to be charged twice a day when tours are booked up. A Segway PT does not make much noise, and has very little impact on the natural environment. Tours follow established trail routes, and therefore do not disturb vegetation.
As a company, Go Tours Canada does what it can to minimize environmental impact. Whenever possible, they will choose energy-efficient alternatives for lighting, strive to minimize waste and use low-toxicity cleaners. For example, the Segway machines require very little cleaning and usually only require a wash with a bit of diluted dish soap. When parts wear out on the machines, they can be sent out for refurbishing or recycling. Some parts—such as broken handlebars end up in the trash—but items like tires are recycled responsibly by the companies that change them (similar to car tires).
Now closed for the winter season, Go Tours Canada runs tours in the summer and early part of the fall (their Toronto location offers tours year round). So next spring or summer when you are in the area,  pack a littlerless lunch and your refillable water bottle and take some time out to explore the natural beauty of the area in a different way.

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