Around My Gluten Free Table embraces environmental sustainability

When someone first receives a Celiac diagnosis or detects a gluten intolerance, the learning curve is steep. Knowing how to eat gluten free is complicated. Learning to cook good-tasting gluten free items is another challenge. Then, there is the issue of where to go to buy prepared food that is safe to eat when you don’t feel like cooking. It makes you wish you had an experienced chef to call on to prepare delicious food that is safe to eat.

That is exactly what customers of Around My Gluten Free Table in Barrie get when they walk into the store. Chef and owner, Laurie has combined her experience as a chef with gluten-free ingredients to offer a variety of made-from-scratch gluten free foods. The store also sells gluten free grocery items.

Wondering about the owner’s commitment to environmental sustainability? When Explore Lake Simcoe met with Laurie, she already had many practices in place. Closely tracking energy use and making use of efficient appliances is a regular practice and Laurie had already consulted with the local hydro company to maximize energy efficiency. Her next step is to look at more efficient lighting.

Waste diversion is also built into the business model. All take out containers are eco-friendly and include recycled content and compostable ingredients. Reclaimed wood is used in some of the store décor. Food preparation is completed mindful of reducing unnecessary waste and Laurie is exploring ways to collect and divert the small amount of food waste produced.

Local ingredients are incorporated when possible. Cleaning supplies used are non-toxic, phosphate-free, biodegradable (according to OECD) and come in containers that contain recycled content. Shopping bags are made of brown paper. My Gluten Free Table has joined the Explore Lake Simcoe #nostrawchallenge and now only offers drinking straws on demand.

The quinoa bites are one of my favorites, but remember, you don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy the tasty treats available.

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