Building on a sustainable business vision at Shine Juice Bar & Cafe

At Shine Juice Bar and Cafe in Orillia, waste diversion is not just a business practice, it is a philosophy. The business was built on a desire to provide delicious, clean, healthy, vegan menu options to customers and waste diversion is a natural extension of this vision.

Reflective of a waste-free lifestyle, packaging is minimized, building materials include reclaimed content, energy and resources are conserved. Perhaps most impressive of all, the owner of Shine Juice Bar and Café personally delivers food waste to the local compost facility 2 to 3 times a week to ensure it is turned into beneficial compost instead of rotting and producing methane in the local landfill. The owners ask suppliers to reduce packaging on products purchased by the Café and they have even spoken to council to encourage more large-scale solutions to organic waste diversion.

Business-as-usual practices at Shine Juice Bar and Café include the use of recycled paper napkins that can be placed in the green bin after use, the use of compostable take out containers and straws and the purchase of fresh produce in bulk from as many local and organic suppliers as possible. The Café menu boasts an all vegan menu (with the exception of one wrap that may contain eggs). The bright cheery furniture was built by the owner from reclaimed wood.

Energy and water conserving technologies were selected for the Juice Bar and Café and include water conserving toilets and faucets, LED lighting, a programmable thermostat and ceiling fans. Cleaning supplies and soaps are eco-friendly. Snow and ice is removed mechanically prior to salt application to minimize water contamination from ice-melters.

So whether you simply want to purchase take home items like vegan ice cream or hand-made vegan dog treats (with proceeds going to the SPCA), you want to have a coffee and a snack, or you wish to enjoy a full meal, Shine Juice Bar and Café is worth a visit.

Although creating a business starting with an environmental vision may make it easier to incorporate eco-practices into daily operations, Shine Juice Bar and Café is an example of how important a top-down commitment to environmental protection is for a business to achieve top marks when it comes to sustainability.

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