Using science to work alongside nature at Mill Run Golf Club

Mill Run Golf Club operators have embraced a number of environmental initiatives over the years. Recently, Mill Run in Uxbridge collaborated with University of Toronto researchers to allow them to conduct vegetation inventories for 6 plots on the… Read More

Caring for the land at Bear Creek Golf Club

Family-owned for 22 years, Bear Creek Golf Club operators pride themselves on being accessible to speak with members. Although regular correspondence is sent out about course news and improvements, Bear Creek operators also extend an invitation to golfers… Read More

Cutural practices support healthy turf growth at Hawk Ridge Golf Club

Home to 2 championship 18 hole courses and a 9 hole par 3 course, Hawk Ridge Golf and Country Club relies heavily on cultural practices to keep the turf healthy and ready for play. The term “cultural practices”… Read More

Explore Lake Simcoe program status update

The Explore Lake Simcoe Sustainable Tourism program  was created to support business adoption of sustainable recreation and tourism practices. Through this program, business operators received technical support, educational services and information about sustainability practices specific to their business needs…. Read More

Applying best management practices amongst the Maples of Ballantrae

  The clubhouse at Maples of Ballantrae looks onto a spectacular field of mature trees. Over time, the course operators have naturalized as many areas as possible, in an effort to save money and labour costs, to expand… Read More

Barrie business’ speak to Georgian College students about sustainability

On July 13th, ELS was fortunate to participate in a business walking tour with Georgian College Industrial Ecology students. The purpose of the tour was to highlight environmentally-sustainable business practices and Green Leaders with the Explore Lake Simcoe… Read More

Environmental practices good for the bottom line at Willow Greens Golf

During a recent conversation with Willow Greens Golf Centre  operators, it became apparent that turf management practices which are good for the environment are also good for business. Since taking over the operation of Willow Greens this April, the… Read More

Nurturing strong turf naturally at Blackwater Golf

Working hand-in-hand with nature, Blackwater Golf Course operators are devoted to nurturing strong healthy turf which is resistant to drought, weeds and disease. A member of the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf since 2006, Blackwater course… Read More

Reducing waste while camping

Camping is a great opportunity to get outside, to experience nature up close, to appreciate the beauty around us, and to generate a lot of garbage? Say what? When you think of camping– do paper plates, single serving… Read More

We want to hear from you!

One of the premises behind the Explore Lake Simcoe project is that individual actions add up and that collectively we can make a difference. Thus, it follows that the way consumers choose to spend their money can wield… Read More