Environmental sustainability and humane care guides practices at Dingo Farms

At Dingo Farms humane care of the animals is paramount, as is proper care of the land and environment. This Bradford-local farm sells naturally-raised beef, pork, lamb and seasonal poultry. Animals are fed with a mix of hay… Read More

Enjoying the wildlife at Westview Golf Club

As a member of Audubon International since 2008, Westview Golf Club owners and operators are committed to the principles behind the program. The Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses involves an initial site assessment, development of an… Read More

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery – innovating to pre-treat wastewater

For those who like to drink beer, the fact that craft breweries are gaining in popularity across Ontario comes as no surprise. What may be a surprise is the challenge faced by these breweries to deal with wastewater… Read More

Get to know your food—no label reading required

Local growing season is here! In the Lake Simcoe watershed, visitors and residents alike are very fortunate to have access to many local farms. With the number of farms in the area comes the ability to speak directly… Read More

Course naturalization at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club

Signs posted around the Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club about ongoing environmental initiatives represent the course operator’s commitment to environmental protection, while the appealing view from the clubhouse shows just how much of the course is naturalized. In… Read More

ELS to highlight environmental practices of golf courses

Did you know the Lake Simcoe watershed is home to nearly 50 golf courses? If you work in the golf industry, or are an avid golfer, that number probably comes as no surprise. If you are new to… Read More

Sharing knowledge and expertise

One of the distinctive elements of the Explore Lake Simcoe project is that it represents a collaboration of minds between individuals who represent different sectors. The work of the project is guided by the marketing and tourism expertise… Read More

Building on a sustainable business vision at Shine Juice Bar & Cafe

At Shine Juice Bar and Cafe in Orillia, waste diversion is not just a business practice, it is a philosophy. The business was built on a desire to provide delicious, clean, healthy, vegan menu options to customers and… Read More

Around My Gluten Free Table embraces environmental sustainability

When someone first receives a Celiac diagnosis or detects a gluten intolerance, the learning curve is steep. Knowing how to eat gluten free is complicated. Learning to cook good-tasting gluten free items is another challenge. Then, there is… Read More

Enjoy comfort in a natural environment at Castleview Inn

Castleview Inn is carefully constructed with building materials and technology selected with the environment in mind.  The craftsmanship is the work of owner and builder, Danny Danshant who has integrated energy and water saving measures and strives to… Read More