Sustainable Tourism Project update

The Explore Lake Simcoe Sustainable Tourism project was created to promote and encourage the expansion of outdoor recreation and sustainable tourism in the Lake Simcoe Watershed. Our goal is to leverage the watershed’s natural assets to promote sustainable… Read More

Hardwood Ski & Bike Plowing ahead towards sustainability

Lake Simcoe lies in Ontario’s Snowbelt, a region of heavy lake-effect snowfall that favours a thriving winter tourism season. Home to several ski resorts, hundreds of kilometers of trails and parks, winter outdoor recreation activities around Lake Simcoe… Read More

Explore Lake Simcoe highlights 2015

Since its launch in July 2015, the Explore Lake Simcoe project had the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from businesses in the watershed on what it means to be green. A business’ everyday operational challenges are unique and… Read More

Celebrating Green Leaders: J’Adore Fine Cheese & Chocolate

J’Adore Fine Cheese & Chocolate offers Holiday Gifts that Give Back Walking into J’Adore Fine Cheese & Chocolate in downtown Barrie, you’ll feel as though you’ve teleported to a quaint shop in Paris, where the proprietaire passionately divulges… Read More

Celebrating Green Leaders: Lefroy Harbour Resort

Lefroy Harbour Resorts holds esteemed Clean Marine eco-rating The largest lake within the Trent Severn waterway, Lake Simcoe is a true boater’s haven. Home to dozens of marinas, recreational boating and fishing are popular pastimes that embody Lake… Read More

Celebrating Green Leaders: Boon Burger Barrie

Boon Burger leaves us green with envy The one-of-a-kind vegan burger joint leaves no trace as nearly 100% of its waste never sees the landfill. You’ll witness this first hand at their Downtown Barrie location, when you notice… Read More

Sustainable Tourism

By adopting sustainable practices, tourism businesses, visitors and residents can work to protect the watershed’s natural areas and heritage, benefit the local community and enhance the tourist experience – ensuring the future of a healthy Lake Simcoe.