Communicate your Green Actions!

Communicate your Green Actions!

A critical piece in developing and executing a sustainability strategy is to communicate and share your efforts with your visitors. Consider the following example of a Lake Simcoe green tourism mission and see if it aligns with the mission of your business. If so, adopt the mission and make the pledge to be an operator working towards ever increasing sustainability within your business and the Lake Simcoe watershed.


Sample Lake Simcoe Green Tourism Mission Statement:

The Lake Simcoe watershed will strive to be a sustainable tourism leader in Ontario. The communities around Lake Simcoe will develop and cultivate a sustainable tourism industry that strengthens local communities and economies while preserving and protecting our natural, cultural and historic resources. The community will foster awareness of sustainable tourism practices and collaboration between all tourism players, including tourism operators, visitors and residents. Together, the community can work to develop environmental, social and economic sustainability – for the future of a healthy Lake Simcoe.


Sample Green Tourism Operator Mission Statement:

As a tourism operator within the Lake Simcoe watershed, insert your company name here is committed to helping develop Lake Simcoe as a sustainable tourism destination in Ontario. We will strive to adopt sustainable practices to increase efficiency and minimize the negative impacts of tourism. Our long-term goal is to enrich the area’s natural and cultural resources; respect and involve local communities in tourism; and promote sustainable practices among peers, companies, visitors and residents.