Celebrating Green Leaders: Boon Burger Barrie

Boon Burger leaves us green with envy

The one-of-a-kind vegan burger joint leaves no trace as nearly 100% of its waste never sees the landfill. You’ll witness this first hand at their Downtown Barrie location, when you notice the bin marked “garbage” you’re looking for is nowhere in sight. That’s because all of Boon Burger’s containers, cutlery and even drinking straws are compostable. No need for a trash can here.

The conscious decision to use only environmentally-friendly suppliers comes with a small price – it may cost the restaurant a few cents more per cup but, it’s a compromise co-owner and operator, Michael Valiant is willing to make.

The forward-looking, new chef du jour, explains that Boon Burger charges customers a very small “eco-tax” to cover these costs, but the real opportunity lies in the chance to engage with clients on the importance of sustainability.  Michael suggests, “If you make it convenient and show people that it’s easy and affordable to be environmentally-conscious, they may be more likely to get on board.”

The few extra cents on your bill is negligible when you know your dollars are working towards reducing negative environmental impacts, supporting a local business that cares.

The best thing about Boon? Their burgers, of course. Locally-sourced, 100% cruelty-free, plant-based goodness grilled to perfection. Even the most discerning of carnivores will leave beaming over the Bacun Cheeze Burger. Michael says, “Our clients aren’t exclusively vegan and that’s what’s great about Boon. We offer healthy comfort food as mainstream fast food options that people actually get excited about.”

And business is booming at Boon. Visitors are making the special trip to Barrie from throughout Southern Ontario for a bite of a burger with a conscience.


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