Enjoy comfort in a natural environment at Castleview Inn

Castleview Inn is carefully constructed with building materials and technology selected with the environment in mind.  The craftsmanship is the work of owner and builder, Danny Danshant who has integrated energy and water saving measures and strives to maximize waste diversion.

Evidence of a dedication to the natural environment extends throughout the entire visitor experience at Castleview. Breakfast for guests can include local foods, eggs harvested fresh from the farm’s grain-fed, free-range chickens, goat milk and yogurt from the farm goats and—of course–organic coffee. Vegetables and herbs grown on the site may also be incorporated into the menu.

Recycling, composting, organic farming and water reclamation are part of the fabric of the farm. The shared kitchen is fully stocked with plates, utensils and assorted cooking items as well as a water cooler—so no need for disposable plates or containers. Although plastic water bottles and cups must be used to protect the animals from broken glass, reusable plastic is available and all water bottles are recycled. Soaps and shampoo are provided in refillable bottles to allow new supplies to be bought in bulk. Fruit and vegetable scraps are fed to the animals or composted on site. Rainwater is collected for the animals to drink. The grounds are maintained with the health of the animals and surrounding natural environment in mind.

Children can explore a playground made from repurposed materials, or wander out back of the house and enjoy watching the horses and farm animals. Guests can enjoy low-carbon activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fat biking, cycling or hiking on the trails that wind through the property. For relaxing, there are many comfortable spots on the 163 acre estate to read a book, explore or to enjoy time with family and friends.  The property boasts wedding facilities as well.

Low flow toilets, low flow faucets and showerheads, and the use of light sensors are widely used.  The house is heated and cooled by a Geothermal system. Upgraded insulation, weather stripping, lighting timers, and the use of ceiling fans are some of the measures used to maximize energy efficiency. When weather permits, laundry is dried on the outdoor clothes line. Low voltage lighting is now being purchased for the event tent and wedding silo.

The owner and staff continue to incorporate sustainable practices. They have signed up for a cigarette litter recycling program and are closely evaluating the sustainability of cleaning supplies. Solar power is also a possibility for the future.

Truly want to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoy the country air, good food and a relaxing environment? Take a look at what Castleview Inn has to offer, and don’t forget to ask about the unique silo wedding suite.

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