Innovative recycling at the Dragonfly Room Salon Spa

Founded on eco-principles, the Dragonfly Room Salon Spa in Orillia has always taken a natural approach to hairstyling and aesthetics.  A member of Green Circle Salons, The Dragonfly Room diverts almost all of it’s waste. Through the Green Circle Salon program, foil is turned into sheet metal and water is removed from the chemicals with the remaining materials disposed of in a hazardous waste management facility. Aerosol cans are recycled as well, and customers are welcome to bring their used cans in for recycling.

First off, product selection is key. The owner of the salon, Allison Abbott is committed to offering products and services that “respect the earth.” As a result, she uses and promotes products that contain a high percentage of naturally-derived ingredients. Allison uses Aveda colouring product packages in the salon due not only to the company commitment to produce products that contain 96-99% natural ingredients, but also to the company’s commitment to environmental protection – something that shows in the packaging. All Aveda product packages contain recycled content and have outer packaging and caps that are fully recyclable in most municipal programs. Any remaining foil-based packaging at The Dragonfly Room is recycled through the Green Circle Salon program.  For products sold in the store, Allison offers Canadian made products. Both these choices reduce the transportation footprint.  Carbon offsets are made by both the Green Circle Spa and product manufacturers.

The commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond the use of products. During the recent renovation of the spa, Allison reused what she could of the existing building décor. She is also looking into aerators specifically designed for hair salons and a low flow toilet to reduce water consumption. Eco-friendly laundry detergent is used in the on-site energy star washing machine, and Allison is looking at possibilities for used textile recycling.

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