Visitor Code of Conduct

We’re glad you’ve decided to visit Lake Simcoe! While you are here, we’d appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep our special place sustainable. Please keep the following code of conduct in mind:

  1. Be considerate of the communities and environment you visit.
  2. Don’t litter.
  3. Use a reusable water bottle or reusable coffee mug.
  4. Reduce energy consumption. Unplug your phone charger, turn off the lights and don’t leave your car idling.
  5. Conserve water! Take shorter showers. The average hotel guest uses over 300 liters of water per night. In a luxury hotel it is approximately 1800 litres!
  6. Respect the hosts. People in different places do things differently – don’t try to change them – enjoy them!
  7. Support the local economy. Buy locally made gifts, eat at local restaurants, enjoy our fresh local food and support our local culture. Local gifts could include anything from a homemade apple pie to large nature-focused canvas paintings.
  8. Cycle and walk when possible. Or if you must use a car please remember not to idle. Idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than turning a car off and back on.
  9. Ask your accommodation provider (hotel, guest house, lodge) about their sustainability practices. Do they compost? Recycle? Do they have an environmental policy? How do they support their local economy?
  10. East seasonally – it tastes better and it supports the local food movement.
  11. Make an effort to be aware and learn about the place you are visiting. Expanding your horizons while learning can be one of the most rewarding components of tourism.
  12. Find out more about what we are doing for sustainable tourism around Lake Simcoe by reading more on our website or visiting the tourism businesses who are working for a Green Lake Simcoe!