A holistic approach to health and sustainability at Discover Wellness

Holistic health care considers the entire person and the multitude of factors that contribute to good health.  At Discover Wellness with Amanda Bolen Massage Therapy in Orillia, treatment options range from sports massage, wellness massage, manual lymph drainage, aromatherapy, Reiki, cupping, prenatal massage and hot Thai stem massage. In line with a holistic approach, Discover Wellness takes the natural environment into account when business decisions are made.discover-wellness-photo

Daily practices at the fully-accessible massage therapy clinic are designed to reduce waste. The clinic makes use of reusable items such as washable hand towels instead of paper, a digital booking system to reduce paper waste, and refillable soap dispensers and water coolers. To save energy, the clinic uses cold water wash cycles, ultra-efficient machines and lighting, and a programmable thermostat. Computers are all powered down at the end of each work day. Used sheets are donated to organizations for reuse.

Purchases for the clinic are made with the natural environment in mind. For example, sheets used on treatment tables are made from cotton and office paper is Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified. Items for sale at the clinic include refillable water cups that can accommodate a filter, and natural plant-based care products such as Epsom salts and lotions in glass or recyclable containers.

Outside of the clinic, customers will find free parking, and accessibility ramps. Reaching out into to the surrounding business community, and to the broader community, Discover Wellness is exploring the possibility of offering clients packages that include a full complement of health and personal care services in one trip. Businesses in the plaza where Discover Wellness is located offer services that include hair care, rehabilitative exercise, a medical lab and a physiotherapy clinic, among others. In conjunction with Drivers Seat Orillia, clients can arrange to complete a range of appointments in one trip. This will provide clients with accessible transportation and a way to minimize carbon emissions through trip planning.

Access to recycling remains a challenge for the clinic, and Discover Wellness is looking to collaborate with businesses located in the convenient strip mall to secure recycling services.

About The AuthorAileen MacMillan holds an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo, and has worked as an independent consultant on environmental projects related to waste management, water quality protection, and environmental education. She has many years of experience working in small business and working collaboratively with teams and individual stakeholders.

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