Get started with the Explore Lake Simcoe Project

We look forward to working with local businesses on the path towards making the Lake Simcoe area a sustainable tourist destination.

What can we offer your business?

The steps to get involved with the Explore Lake Simcoe Sustainable Tourism project are outlined here:


  • Visit and complete the online operator self-assessment, or download a PDF of one of our sector-specific toolkits to complete the assessment and email it to our project coordinator. She can be reached at
  • The online operator self-assessment will help you identify both the sustainable practices you already have in place and the sustainable practices you want to implement in the future. Keep your completed assessment and use it to compare results in six to twelve months’ time.
  • Make an appointment with, Aileen MacMillian, the Sustainable Tourism Coordinator, to identify and set short and long term goals. As a first step, we will identify the “low hanging fruit”– opportunities that can result in immediate financial savings, incentives or rebates without requiring a big cash outlay. We will then research and provide you with the resources necessary to support your efforts.
  • Keep in touch with the program through social media channels, our website, and follow-up meetings to learn of new events, resources and ideas. We have made changes to our website to make it easier to navigate—check back regularly for other changes.
  • Consider exploring third-party eco-certification for your business. We can provide you with contact information and resources.


We are committed to the following:

  • To review your completed toolkit and provide relevant resources, suggestions, or contacts to support the move to sustainable tourism practices.
  • To work with you on goal setting and planning to implement initiatives.
  • To promote the businesses working with the Explore Lake Simcoe sustainable tourism project through our social media channels and website.
  • To facilitate networking and shared learning related to sustainable initiatives.
  • To represent your concerns and thoughts about barriers in our project reporting.


We look forward to working with you!

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