Marina Del Rey solar update

This winter Marina Del Rey in Orillia installed a 250KW solar system on their boat house roof under the Feed in Tariff program. The type of agreement established in this case is a rooftop lease agreement for which Marina Del Rey receives regular rental payments. Power generated by the solar panels is distributed by the power company and goes to the grid. Currently, the boat house rooftop panels at Marina Del Rey “produce electricity to supply 80 homes off the grid, representing a reduction 66 tonnes of CO2 emissions.”
Renewable energy is key to meeting climate change agreement targets and solar plays a significant role.  According to Natural Resources Canada, “Wind and solar photovoltaic energy are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada.” 
It is great to learn that solar installations are moving forward in the Lake Simcoe watershed and Marina Del Rey is not the only example. Farms such as Nicholyn Farms and Chappell Farm have solar installations, and others are making use of solar power at their place of business.

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