On the menu at the Lazy Tulip Café – local, homemade, sustainable

Looking to relax, take a break, and enjoy homemade food in a restaurant that puts support for local food and environmental sustainability top of mind? The Lazy Tulip Café serves breakfast and lunch items that include organic fair trade coffee, homemade iced tea, water in recyclable tetra packs (no PET bottles), and a menu full of healthy local options.  Other goodies include homemade gluten free and regular baked goods, along with Ontario-local Kawartha Dairy products.

Inside, the Lazy Tulip Café is decorated with memorabilia from far off destinations and with local art. Travel photographs taken by the Café owner, Michelle Higgins rotate on a screen, taking your mind off daily stresses. Outdoor seating gives diners an unobstructed view of Lake Simcoe.lazy-tulip-patio-1

Glance around while placing an order, and you will see evidence of a commitment to environmental sustainability at the Lazy Tulip Café.  Natural light filters from the skylight above, and fans supplement heating and cooling. Customers are offered dried pasta noodle stir sticks, and homemade ice tea is dispensed from a large refillable container on the counter.

Among the selections on the menu, customers will find fair trade organic coffee distributed out of Guelph Ontario, local organic sprouts, organic tofu, and a selection of locally-sourced meats and produce. Looking for a vegan alternative? The menu contains vegan options as well. Meals come with a healthy salad option, and the soups and other menu items are all homemade.  Food waste is minimized since offerings are made from scratch in-house. Take for example the iced tea—it is brewed and cooled in the café. Baked goods, soups, breads and sauces are made in house and efficient menu planning minimizes food waste. Visitors who purchase meals to go have their orders served in compostable containers.

As the popular café looks towards expansion, the owner is considering options to improve heating and energy efficiency.

If you can’t make it in to the Café but are feeding a crowd, the Lazy Tulip Café also provides catering.

About The AuthorAileen MacMillan holds an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo, and has worked as an independent consultant on environmental projects related to waste management, water quality protection, and environmental education. She has many years of experience working in small business and working collaboratively with teams and individual stakeholders.

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