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August 2017 Edition

August may be winding to a close, but there is still a lot of summer left to enjoy.
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August 2017 – Solar update for Marina Del Rey and learning from golf case studies

July 2017 – ELS program update, environmental business tour with Georgian College, and environmental best management practices at golf courses

June 2017 – Take our consumer survey, waste and camping, Audubon for golf + natural turf management

May 2017 – Local food, boating safety, golf course environmental practices, green accommodations and treating brewery wastewater

April 2017 – Learning from each other in the business community

March 2017 – Celebrating success and asking for feedback
February 2017 – Energy efficiency, selecting food service ware, networking and dealing with cigarette litter
January 2017 – Individual efforts and collaborative initiatives–the #nostrawchallenge
December 2016 –Learning from others in the community and Smart about road Salt
November 2016 – #2 — Waste management and creative reuse of resources
November 2016 –Third-party certification, eco-conscious shopping, and creative food waste reduction
October 2016 – #2
 –Reducing food waste, choosing sustainable menu items, low impact camping
October 2016–Sustainability, transparency and supporting local food
September 2016 – #2
–The ROI of sustainable initiatives and energy efficiency
September 2016
–Business planning template and employee engagement
August 2016 –On the path to sustainability and local business profiles
July 2016 –Explore Lake Simcoe project update and the ROI of sustainability
March 2016 –Greening tools for the ski sector
January 2016 — Sustainable travel and local green leaders
December 2015 –Greening during the holiday season
October 2015 –Clean Marine and tools for marinas
September 2015 –Sustainability is not a trend