Nicholyn Farms clean food market

Whether you are on your way to or from the cottage, local to the area or just visiting, do not miss Nicholyn Farms in Phelpston.  A part of the OMAFRA Environmental Farm Plan, Nicholyn’s commitment to environmentally-sustainable practices is clearly outlined on their website.

Nicholyn Farms is a central hub for 100% chemical-free, antibiotic, growth hormone and steroid-free food. They are catering to customers who want a clean food product. While pork, beef, chicken, and lamb along with a selection of fruits and vegetables is available directly from the Nicholyn Farms property, products from partner farms are also available at the convenient food outlet. Selected based upon their adherence to strict guidelines set by Nicholyn Farms, the 75 local farms that partner with Nicholyn produce fruit, vegetables, dairy, egg, honey, maple syrup meat and seafood.  The guidelines require that partnering farms produce food that is 100% chemical free and contains no antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. While food is not certified organic, it is 100% spray-free.

Land and farming practices at Nicholyn reflect a “modernized pioneering approach.” While manual practices are preferred, new technology is used to increase efficiency. For example, this means that while an old fashion wheel hose is used, drip irrigation is in place to reduce leaf disease and conserve water. Cross-cooperative planting is used to reduce pests, and the use of compostable biofilm helps reduce soil erosion and weed growth, while improving moisture retention.  Plants are placed close together, which allows leaf growth to shade out weeds.

Waste is dealt with on the farm. Animal populations are kept to a minimum to be sure any manure produced can be worked into the land as fertilizer. The farm has an extensive composting program, and any waste fruit and vegetables that cannot be fed to animals are composted on site.

Nicholyn Farms sells to wholesale customers (restaurants) and residential customers and both fresh and prepared food is available. Next time you are in the area, remember to bring your reusable containers and stock up!

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