Energy, Water and Resource Conservation

Energy, Water and Resource Conservation

Ecological Footprint

Have you ever taken the time to calculate your Ecological Footprint?

U.S. EPA lifecycle analysis of office paper showing GHG emissions

Although ELS has not tested any of these apps– here is a list of energy-tracking apps

Energy Conservation and Incentives  

Visit saveonenergy or contact your local utility provider for incentives, tools and suggestions around how to save energy with products such as LEDs, low-flow fixtures, programmable thermostats and more.

Inn PowerUnion GasPowerstreamEnbridgeHydro One

Ontario Ministry of Energy energy-saving tips for small business and renewable energy information

For a list of Ontario energy agencies and associations check the IESO website

Energy Star energy-efficiency suggestions with a quick payback

How can a Smart Power Bar be used to save energy and money?

A) Space Heating and Cooling 

Government of Canada: Air conditioning costs

U.S. Department of Energy heat saving tips for windows

Power Stream over cooling can cost you

Take Charge NL Heat Pump 101

B) Building Envelope

Natural Resources Canada Improving Window Energy Efficiency

Energy Star tutorial on installing energy-saving film over windows

C) Appliances 

Energy Star and energy efficient appliances and benchmarking tool and suggestions.

For research on energy efficiency and detailed information about specific units, check the Ontario Power Authority website article on Purchasing Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Hydro One Phantom Energy Room by Room – interactive

Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator

D) Lighting

PowerStream Small Business Lighting program — see if you qualify

Energy Star article Learn About LED Bulbs

E) Water heating infographic on hot water heater types video on how and when to install a hot water heater insulating blanket

Hydro One article on getting the most from your hot water

F) Other 

Energy Star comparison of water cooler types

Green Living article explains phantom energy load

Powerful Thinking article on reducing fuel costs for festivals

Quick tips and calculators

BOMA article on calculating ROI for energy projects

Natural Resources Canada searchable database for energy-efficient products

IESO Kilowatt Way – quick quiz to learn ways to use energy more efficiently

Office equipment energy saving tips from Energy Star

Energy Star office energy saving tips from Battle of the Buildings

Hydro One appliance energy calculator

U.S. Department of Energy appliance energy use calculator

U.S. Department of Energy Automobile fuel economy calculator

Smart Commute car pool savings calculator

Water efficiency calculator for toilets article on comparing costs and efficiency for different water heaters

US EPA calculator to estimate GHG emission savings

Links to assorted energy saving calculators

BSE  LED retrofit savings calculator


Water Conservation

City of London Be Water Smart video on how to easily detect water leaks

City of London Be Water Smart video on saving water in the bathroom and efficient toilets

Alliance for Water Efficiency commercial water conservation tips

Water conservation suggestions for irrigation systems

Municipal suggestions for water conservation City of Barrie

York Region water conservation suggestions

Article from GreenBiz on why water is more expensive than companies think

Green Key Global article on water conservation for hotels

Quick tips and calculators 

Water Footprint Network resources and calculators

City of Barrie Water audit worksheet

U.S. EPA water savings calculator


Water Protection  

Green boating tips from Discover Boating


Transportation Alternatives

Tools of Change sustainable transportation resource page

If you’re looking into acquiring an electric car or want to be put on the map with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Ontario has incentive programs available right now.

Tips for reducing fuel usage when boating from Discover Boating

Electric car charging stations in the Simcoe County region

Comparison of solar-assisted golf carts from Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program

Triple Pundit Article The Lifecycle Impact of Electric Vehichles

Quick tips and calculators

Sierra Club guide to selecting the right EV


Sector-specific resources


Bizenergy article on efficiency of commercial washing machines

Food Service 

Green Restaurant Association Certified Green Restaurants® – Environmental Standards

Canadian Restaurant News article on environmental sustainability

NRCan information on Energy Star Commercial Food Service equipment

Resources specific to the hotel industry at Green Hotelier

Sustainable Restaurant Association -Industry Resources

Explore Lake Simcoe article Reduce business costs by eliminating food waste

Kingston Ontario sustainable coffee shop case study 


New York State BMP article on water conserving technology


Dealing with Climate Change 

CDP report on wastewater reclamation