Landscaping and Building

Landscaping and Building

Land care

CBC article and audio recording about rain gardens to prevent flooding

Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority LEAP (Landowner Environmental Assistance Program) provides funding on numerous projects, from upgrading septic systems to rain gardens to planting cover crops.

Visit Windfall Ecology Centre, for stormwater management, rain barrels and gardens

Information on planting around buildings with energy conservation in mind from Utah State University

Information about drought-tolerant gardens and plants at Bradford Greenhouses

OMAFRA on watering your brown lawn during the summer months

OMAFRA resource on the Right Timing of Nutrient Application

Postmedia article on Drought tolerant grass seed

TREA choosing which grass seed to use

Credit Valley Conservation — collection of fact sheets for property management practices that reduce pollution

Evergreen infographic on watershed protection


Golf course-specific information

Ontario Integrated Pest Management for Golf and for Growers 

NC State University document on Stormwater Wetlands on golf courses

BMPs for New York State Golf Courses – links to a variety of documents

About the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf

BMP document for turf care and pollinator protection

USGA article on warm season grasses

Articles about Golf Course Management.


Invasive Species

Government of Ontario document Best Management Practices in Ontario – Invasive Dog-strangling Vine

Toronto Botanical Garden video on dealing with Dog-strangling Vine

Ontario Invasive Plant Council listing of native plants and nurseries committed to not selling invasive species


Snow and Ice removal

Reducing the use of road salt – ELS article- Widespread use of chlorides for safety and ice control is increasingly posing an environmental threat. For small business owners, the most effective (and environmentally beneficial) use of winter salt considers the five following practices: Read more.

Smart About Salt winter salt management program

Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program page on Road Salt Management 

City of Barrie Facebook post on Smart about Salt

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies study on increasing salinization of freshwater


Green Building

The Canada Green Building Council provides information about LEED building standards and other related information

Ecospex database of incentives and environmental classifications for building materials

Interested in building a green roof? Find information and resources here: Green Roofs

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation information on green building, energy and water efficiency, and indoor air quality

Sustainable Cities Collective article on Green Building design and small business

Article on a Net Positive energy efficient building in the Waterloo Region

Explore Lake Simcoe article on Passive House in Innisfil

Sustainable Building design at MEC