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Umbra Fisk writes the article Here’s why its’ so important to buy recycled products 

Vendor/purchaser programs 

Take back the Light links lamp purchasers with vendors who will provide new energy efficient lamps and collect used lamps and recycle them properly – registration for purchasers is free

Take-out food service ware 

Why choose compostable products for food service 

Simon Fraser University article discussing the issue of disposable coffee cups/recycling and alternatives

Health Care Without Harm article: Choosing Environmentally Preferable Food Service Ware 

Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative article on compostable food service products

Treehugger article on selecting paper versus cloth napkins

Biodegradable Products Institute article explaining the difference between compostable and biodegradable


Product Evaluation

Forbes magazine article on Canadian company that has developed alternative to plastic packaging for it’s product

To determine if your products contain toxic ingredients check The Environmental Health Association of Nova Scota Guide to Less Toxic Products and The Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health & Environment

David Suzuki Foundation article on toxic ingredients to avoid in cleaners

Explore Lake Simcoe article on choosing eco-friendly food service ware

Calculator to compare the environmental footprint of paper purchases

Eco-friendly options for cleaning your boat



Local Food and Organic Certification 

Where to find local food Simcoe County Farm Fresh and the Community Supported Agriculture Farm Directory

Pro-Cert organic certification



Third party certifications help identify products that have undergone a specific level of scrutiny—look for government labels or labels that are widely accepted internationally or supported by large NGO’s

Common environmental labels in Canada–Government of Canada

Ecoindex Global Directory of EcoLabels

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-certified paper products)

FairTrade Canada

EnerGuide Canada

Sustainable Product Guide

Green Seal certification

CSA Group certification

Organic food certification in Canada

U.S.-based public health certification program NSF International


Green Hotelier article on sustainable sourcing for seafood