Waste Management

Waste Management

Conducting a waste audit

Slideshow of creative anti-littering campaigns

Waste Audit toolkit from Clean River

Carbon Calculator for Waste- Environment and Climate Change Canada GHG calculator

Busch Systems resource centre- find many ways to increase waste diversion

Collection and Disposal 

Check your local municipal website public works department for local information.

To find a local compost facility, use FindaComposter.com

Recycle Bank why it’s important to put items in the right disposable bin

Clean River article on waste bin labeling to reduce contamination

Sector-specific resources

Foodservice Packaging Institute  Environmental Stewardship

QSR web article Cutting Condiment Costs 

Simcoe County Special Events Waste Diversion Guide

DoitGreen website for ideas about eco-friendly event planning


Event Water Solutions – Interview– using a water station at your event


Cottage Life article on antifreeze disposal


Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction Week in Canada–Business Resource Kit

WWF for a Living Planet – tips to reduce office paper waste

SWR and Nestlé Professional presentation on waste reduction


The Last Straw toolkit

Ocean Conservancy list of top 10 trash items found as litter

More background on the worldwide movement to reduce straw waste

The use of incentives to encourage customers to use reusable coffee cups 

Food Waste 

U.S. EPA guidance (with links to webcasts) on tracking and measuring food waste reduction efforts

Explore Lake Simcoe article Reduce business costs by eliminating food waste

Article by Erica Gies on why we need to divert food waste from landfill

Lean Path article 5 Global Challenges We Can Address through Food Waste Prevention

Thomson Reuters Foundation article on the ROI of reducing food waste

Champions 12.3 study on the ROI of food waste reduction

Food Waste- templates 

EPA food waste tracking template

WRAP UK foodwaste calculator 

Plate2planet resource on food waste reduction

Food Waste- tip-containing articles 

Compact Alliance tips on organizing your commercial fridge to save energy and reduce waste

Environmental Health News – Getting creative about food waste

Green Hotelier article Reducing and Managing Food Waste in Hotels

POS Sector article 16 Tips for Restaurant Food Waste Reduction

WRAP UK article Hospitality and Food Service–getting started on waste prevention

Food Waste–Toolkits 

Clean Technology Centre, Cork Institute of Technology, Cork Ireland guide to foodwaste prevention

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Foodwaste Toolkit

Green Hotelier  report Know How Guide to Reducing and Managing Food Waste in Hotels

Lean Path food waste reduction resources

WRAP UK resources

Food Waste packaging 

U.S. EPA guide on reducing food waste and food waste packaging


National Wildlife Federation — list of positive impacts of recycling

Recycling information from Stewardship Ontario

For cigarette litter:

EcoSuperior webpage on resources for cigarette waste recycling – check out the great videos!

Explore Lake Simcoe article on reducing cigarette litter

For electronic waste and batteries: 

University of Waterloo article on the reasons why to recycle used batteries

Call2Recycle (collection site for disposal of rechargeable batteries and cell phones)

GEEP in Barrie accepts electronics and batteries for recycling

For fluorescent lamps: 

Two companies that offer courier pick up and appropriate disposal of fluorescent lamps: Aevitas and Raw Materials Company Inc. 

Take back the Light links lamp purchasers with vendors who will provide new energy efficient lamps and collect used lamps and recycle them properly – registration for purchasers is free

For textiles: 

CBC News article on textile recycling

For other items:  

For a listing of fishing line recycle depots try Aurora Bassmasters

Live Green smart recycling of paper

Septic System Information

OMAFRA information page on taking care of your septic system

Ontario government document on how to care for your septic system