Ripe Juicery– healthy juice and food in a smart package

Looking for an alternative to coffee for breakfast or for a mid-day pick up? A healthy juice, parfait, or bowl may be just what your body is craving. Not only can you be rest assured you will find nutritious items on the menu, you are also supporting a business that takes steps to protect the natural environment when you shop at Ripe Juicery in Barrie.

Packaging is minimized and you can have the parfait of your choice in a mason jar, or juice in a refillable glass bottle. If you are taking the juice to go, be sure to bring the bottle back and get 50 cents off your next purchase, along with peace of mind that the glass will be sterilized and reused. Take out packaging is all certified compostable. Everything from forks and spoons to cups and bowls are either made from compostable corn or from wood, making all packaging choices eco-friendly.

Best of all is the taste of the juice and food!  Juices are all made from organic produce, much of it sourced from Pfennings  Organic Farm in Ontario.  Juices, salads, lunch bowls, parfaits, smoothies and energy snacks are fresh, plant-based and prepared raw.


The focus on sustainability at Ripe Juicery extends to the choice of building materials and cleaning products.  Repurposed barnboards used to decorate the restaurant add to the welcoming environment.  Lighting was recently upgraded to the most efficient technology, and appliances  are energy-efficient.

So next time you are craving something to eat or drink, but are not sure what you want—have a drink to your health at Ripe Juicery.


About The AuthorAileen MacMillan holds an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo, and has worked as an independent consultant on environmental projects related to waste management, water quality protection, and environmental education. She has many years of experience working in small business and working collaboratively with teams and individual stakeholders.

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