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One of the distinctive elements of the Explore Lake Simcoe project is that it represents a collaboration of minds between individuals who represent different sectors. The work of the project is guided by the marketing and tourism expertise of Tourism Barrie, the environmental knowledge of the Sustainable Tourism coordinator, and the business management and sector-specific knowledge of participating businesses.

Explore Lake Simcoe is fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with—and learn from–individuals working in industries that provide food service, accommodations, marine services, recreational activities (golf, ski, adventure providers), and agricultural producers. A great deal of sector-specific environmental knowledge and expertise exists within these groups. As an example, the golf and agricultural sectors have a great deal of expertise in irrigation, soil management and plant disease management; the food service sector has expertise around how to reduce food waste. Explore Lake Simcoe is in the unique position of being able to share stories that communicate learnings from a variety of viewpoints.

For this month’s newsletter, we ask readers to consider the lessons that can be learned from the health, wellness and yoga sector. We invite readers to review the relevant business profiles on ELS, and to keep the following points in mind:

-Environmental principles are integrated into business planning from the inception of the business

-Both short and long term environmental and health benefits are considered

-Environmental and health principles guide decisions around product purchasing, materials used and sold by the business, and construction practices

-Worker and customer health are intertwined with environmental health and are considered during the development of all business practices

-Support for sustainable transportation is a natural extension of a business that focuses on health improvement

-Waste minimization and resource conservation are overarching considerations

-Support for the surrounding community is an important business element

The following ELS business profiles contain more specific information about how these principles are applied.

Health and Wellness profiles

Bliss Ann Green Yoga (08/26/2016) – Walking into the BLiSS Ann Green Yoga studio in Barrie, customers quickly become aware of how sustainable principles are incorporated into daily operations to create an environment that supports both human and environmental health. Read more.

Discover Wellness (11/16/2016) – Holistic health care considers the entire person and the multitude of factors that contribute to good health. In line with a holistic approach, Discover Wellness takes the natural environment into account when business decisions are made. Read more.

Flourish Vitality Centre (09/15/2016) – Environmental principles guided many of the decisions made when the owners of Flourish Vitality Centre in Barrie set out to create a welcoming, comfortable wellness studio. Read more.

Kind Living (11/29/2016)  – Within a stone’s throw of Lake Couchiching, public hiking trails and cycling routes, Kind Living yoga studio and boutique in Orillia is the embodiment of a business built upon the principles of environmental sustainability. Read more.

Moksha Yoga Barrie (01/28/2016)Living Green is a pillar of the Moksha Yoga philosophy. The studio is built green with energy-efficient insulation, renewable materials, air and water purification. But what really makes us keen? They offer free mat rentals to yogis who choose to cycle to the studio. See the video on Moksha Living Green. Read more.


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