Green My Business

Initiate a sustainability strategy for your business and become a local pioneer in green business practices!

The ambition of small business owners is a driving force of the local economy. It’s tourism businesses like you that have built Lake Simcoe as a great destination and it’s you who can make it even greater – and greener.

Starting a green plan for your business will not only save you money in the long-term, but will protect the very resource your business depends on – Lake Simcoe’s natural resources.

Consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable tourism offers. The need to meet guest expectations will be vital in promoting your business and staying ahead of the curve. It will position you as a competitive player in a fast-growing market. And you’ll be recognized for your commitment to protecting Lake Simcoe and benefiting your community.


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Sustainable Tourism

Quick tips to get you started – more ideas here

It’s easy to get started! Be a green example. Complete this operator self-assessment here, or download a sector-specific toolkit found under our “Toolkits” tab and email it to our Sustainable Tourism coordinator at .

Use the following assessment to see how you measure up. As with any change, progress occurs in steps. If you score at least 50%, you are well on your way. Once you have completed your assessment, take a closer look at the results to identify how you want to move forward. Keep your assessment results and complete it again in six to eight months to evaluate your progress.

We are here to support your efforts! Check out the rest of our website for easy tips to get you started. Book an appointment with our Sustainable Tourism Project Coordinator at to discuss your goals and identify where you need support. We can point you in the direction of resources and networking support. See how your efforts can be chronicled under the Green Leaders and Eat/Play/Stay section of the website.


  • Add the total potential points for all of the categories that apply to your business. Please note that all categories marked “optional” can be excluded depending upon the type of business—all other categories are mandatory.
  • Add the number of points your business earned in relevant categories.
  • Sum the total points that could be potentially earned for the categories that apply to your business. Then divide your total by this potential total to calculate your final percentage.