Turf care is all about plant health at The Briars Golf

The history of The Briars is steeped in a dedication to conservation.  The 18 hole golf course that skirts Lake Simcoe and is within a short walk of The Briars Resort and Spa recently celebrated 90 years of… Read More

Powering electric carts for the future at Cardinal Golf Club

Driving into the parking lot of Redcrest Golf Course (one of the four courses at Cardinal Golf Club), one can’t help but notice the shiny golf carts lined up neatly in front of attractive charging stations. This fleet… Read More

Using science to work alongside nature at Mill Run Golf Club

Mill Run Golf Club operators have embraced a number of environmental initiatives over the years. Recently, Mill Run in Uxbridge collaborated with University of Toronto researchers to allow them to conduct vegetation inventories for 6 plots on the… Read More

Enjoying the wildlife at Westview Golf Club

As a member of Audubon International since 2008, Westview Golf Club owners and operators are committed to the principles behind the program. The Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses involves an initial site assessment, development of an… Read More

Return on investment for sustainable initiatives

For small business, keeping costs to a minimum is key to profitability. Subsequently, return on investment (ROI) calculations are essential when initiatives are being considered. For businesses located in the Lake Simcoe watershed, economic viability is often tightly… Read More