Explore Lake Simcoe program status update

The Explore Lake Simcoe Sustainable Tourism program  was created to support business adoption of sustainable recreation and tourism practices. Through this program, business operators received technical support, educational services and information about sustainability practices specific to their business needs…. Read More

Send us your Explore Lake Simcoe evaluation forms

We would like to thank all the business’ that have participated with the Explore Lake Simcoe project thus far. Since the inception of the project, we have had the opportunity to support business operators to adopt both individual… Read More

The path to sustainability

Since the July newsletter, Explore Lake Simcoe (ELS) has met with a number of businesses located in the Lake Simcoe watershed that integrate sustainability into their daily operations. The ELS project exists to work with and expand the… Read More

What does the Explore Lake Simcoe logo represent?

In your travels around the Lake Simcoe watershed, you may have run across this logo. First and foremost it is a reminder to ask the provider about the environmental initiatives in place. Tourism businesses that are working with… Read More