Treetop Trekking — protecting the forest and enjoying the view

Without a doubt, spending time outdoors enjoying nature leads us to have a greater appreciation for natural spaces. There are many great ways to experience the forested areas in Ontario, but one unique way is to travel through the tree canopy.

Treetop Trekking is a zip line and aerial game park adventure company with five locations across Ontario. The largest park is located at Horseshoe Valley Resort in the Lake Simcoe area. Not only does Treetop Trekking offer an exciting way to experience trees, forests, and nature, the company also makes sure the activity is offered in a way that minimizes negative impacts on the forest itself.

From the planning stage and on through construction, operation and rebuilding of the parks, all decisions are made with the long term health of the forest at the forefront. Ultimately, Treetop Trekking relies on a healthy forest for its well-being.

Treetop routes are designed to prevent any trees from being cut down. Environmentally-sensitive areas such as animal dens, nesting sites, wetlands, or endangered plant species growth areas are avoided as well.

Platforms are fixed in place using compression, or anchoring systems that do not harm the trees, and do not require anything to be drilled into the trees. These systems make it very easy to move or remove platforms as the forest grows. If there is a need for a metal cable to come into contact with a tree, a technology called a tree saver is used to protect against bark or trunk damage. These can also be removed when the tree grows, without leaving any signs they were there in the first place.

Walking trails between platform access points are carefully designed to protect understory tree and vegetation growth, and to limit compaction of root systems of the trees. Wood chips are used to help with this, and are strategically placed.

Prior to opening in the Spring of 2017, Treetop Trekking staff will work with Explore Lake Simcoe to identify and implement additional environmental initiatives.

Available activities include adventure tours and less strenuous canopy walks. View the Treetop Trekking Youtube video to see the adventure that awaits!

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