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One of the premises behind the Explore Lake Simcoe project is that individual actions add up and that collectively we can make a difference. Thus, it follows that the way consumers choose to spend their money can wield a lot of power.
Visitors to Lake Simcoe can impact the natural environment  in both positive and negative ways. When consumers take steps to protect what they value the most about the area such as the  local food, the beach, the water, the fishing, or the forest, the results can be powerful. Voting to protect the environment through informed purchases is one way to accomplish this.
Research  shows that many consumers want to show support in this manner.  Yet, sometimes businesses will drop environmental product lines or practices in response to a poor consumer response. Talking about the reasons behind new sustainable business practices may result in the general public being more accepting of changes.
At ELS we want to learn more about support for environmentally-sustainable business practices. Help us find out more about consumer attitudes by completing our sustainable consumer survey HERE.

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